Cabsol operates in numerous markets worldwide. We have expertise in the advice on, the development and the production of cables. For instance, Cabsol supplied a 20 kV aluminum cable 1x500 mm2 for the second Dubai Palm Island infrastructure.

We developed and supplied the complete cabling system for 40 hectares of greenhouses in Russia. In winter the temperature drops well below -20 °C, so we had to use cables that perform reliably in an environment of highly fluctuating temperatures.

We have worked with power-supplying companies in the Caribbean. For Trinidad and Tobago we supplied a three-core 15 kV connection.

Cabsol supported the temporary power supply infrastructure for the Olympics in Beijing. Our cables supplied the power to the media centre that coordinated all radio and television transmissions.

In major European sports events Cabsol shows its ability to handle projects of this scale. Cabsol delivered cables for the main power supply of 6 stadia. Just like in other areas of our activities, flexibility and reliability are the keys to succes in this kind of projects. We are very proud of this assignment.