Welcome to the site of Cabsol B.V.

Cabsol is an innovative company that has almost 2 decades of experience in the cable industry. We use our material know-how and knowledge of production processes nationwide and internationally. We meet the demands of our customers by customized high quality cables or a complete infrastructure of industrial cables.

Do you ever doubt whether your cable plans are viable? In our vision every situation is unique. Standard situations do not exist. We aim to help you find the perfect solution for your specific` requirements. Customer satisfaction, reliability and quick delivery are the key factors for fulfilling your demands.

We welcome the opportunity to quickly find a solution for the challenges that are unique to your work environment. For general applications we have developed a range of products, such as aluminum and copper conductors. In addition, we have a highly skilled engineering team at our disposal developing the optimum cable solution in collaboration with you. Our partners are responsible for the production of custom cables. In modern factories innovative quality products are manufactured by means of high-grade materials and advanced techniques. For example, deviant insulation materials for protection against highly fluctuating temperatures.